aziz ansari is growing, and wants us to grow too

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Aziz Ansari concluded his TheRoad to Nowheretour last night – aptly named, given the fact that the final performance took place in the quaint and remote Sullivan Catskills, located almost an hour and a half from New York City. Ansari notices this, poking fun at the less-than lighting, and rec-room feel of the amphitheater, taking this time to reminisce on “some of the most beautiful venues” the almost year-long tour brought him to.

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impractical jokers’ cranjis mcbasketball world comedy tour: a review

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Comedian troupe The Tenderloins, who famously star in the popular hidden camera series Impractical Jokers, brought their Cranjis McBasketball World Comedy Tour to Webster Bank Arena in Connecticut on January 18. My friend Julia and I had the pleasure of attending (…I say as if we happened upon it and hadn’t purchased tickets months in advance…); I now relish in the opportunity to tell you about my time spent laughing.

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Meagh’s Music Monday 01

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I was seven years old and school was out for the summer. If I wasn’t choroegraphing dances to the latest edition of “Now! That’s What I Call Music”, I was hanging out by the radio. My sister and I had a pretty bitchin’ stereo with dual tape decks. We could spend hours parked in front of that thing requesting songs, trying to win prizes, and making mixtapes. I don’t think we ever won anything, and our requests were probably already on the station playlist, but it made listening to music a communal activity, though my community at that age was pretty limited to nearby friends and family.

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sorry about last night’s the bridget bishop tour: a review

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These are a few of the things I am passionate about (in no particular order): my family, stand-up comedy, day trips, and seeing others immerse themselves in what makes them happy. Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, together known as comedy duo Sorry About Last Night, weave those things together brilliantly with their 2018 Bridget Bishop Tour. (Not to mention, another favorite thing, the added bonus of a bit of Salem Witch Trials history they provide).

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a day of dreaming (on youth)

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One day as I was scrolling through Twitter I came across a platform called Dream on Youth.  The content was compelling: I had stumbled upon the account amidst their “Self-Worth Wednesday”weekly segment, where the platform encourages their extended reach to share photos of themselves complemented by an expression of self-love. I found myself inspired by the account’s bio. When I first found the account, it read: We are one community building an empire of social goodness.  Welcome to your safe space to raise self-awareness and give a voice to the fight against stigmas. At the time of publication, it reads: We are the most bad*** empire of social goodness. Black-owned, female-led, all-inclusive community. Join the 🎉 online during Awesome.

I’ve worked with a smattering of online publishing platforms in the past, and though all have dressy mission statements, often the agenda is driven by clicks and relevancy, leaving authenticity…

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navigating a conversation to ensure solidarity does not bleed into narcissism

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Bonds between individuals are most often rooted in and solidified by shared experience*. This does not refer to instances that are lived through simultaneously; rather, possession of the ability to resonate with our peers by taking our own lived experience and using it as a lens of understanding when approaching theirs. It’s comforting to know that in times of splendor and in times of strife (especially those of the latter), we are not completely alone.

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